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1:1 Baluns for Wire Antennas

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W2AU 1:1 160-10m Balun RF Isolator - ISO-Max W2DU 1:1 HF Choke Balun W2DU type Inline Balun 1:1 with Double SO-239
Our Price: $31.99
Our Price: $31.99
Our Price: $34.99
Our Price: $36.65
This 1:1 voltage/transformer balun is ideal for matching unbalanced coax 50 or 75 ohm coax to 50 or 75 ohm balanced dipoles. The ISO-Max RF Isolator is the type of accessory every ham shack needs. ISO-Max keeps unwanted RF from traveling on the shield of your coax - keeping RF out of computers, transceivers, equipment chassis, microphones, keys, everything@

This is the same unwanted RF that cause "RF bite", equipment lockup and so many other pesky problems.

The ISO-Max has two SO-239 female receptacles to accept male PL-259 cables.

11 inches long. 50 Ohm. For HF frequencies between 1.8 and 30 MHz. This unit can handle 4 KW.

Recommended install points: Transceiver output, antenna tuner output, amplifier output, mobile installations*

This unit is also perfect for portable, emergency and field day situations.

*Stay RF in a mobile environment can cause damage to/or render inoperative your cars sensitive electronics.

This 1:1 Choke (Current Balun) is ideal for HF applications from 1.8-30 mHz. Typical use: For use with monoband dipoles that already have a center insulator.
W2DU 1:1 VHF Choke Balun
Our Price: $40.99
This 1:1 Choke (Current) Balun is your choice balun fo keeping RF current of the cable shield in VHF applications in the 20-300 mHz frequency range.