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Build Your Own G5RV

If you want to build your own G5RV we have the supplies, instructions and know-how to help make your project successful. Each component on this page includes printed instructions on how to make your own G5RV.  Build and bundle supplies at kits for your next hamfest project or club build.

You will need to purchase the following in order to build either a Classic G5RV for 80-10m, an Optimized ZS6BKW G5RV for 80-10m or a Junior G5RV.  We will include instructions on how to build all of above mentioned models of antennas.

*** We will provide you with full instructions for building a working G5RV.  You will need to supply the man power, soldering tools, rope and coax.

  • Ladder Line (50 Feet)
  • Antenna Wire (125 Feet)
  • Center Insulator - We have two models to choose from that work great. Please choose one.
  • Coax to Ladder Line Transition - Accomplish the transition from Ladder Line to Coax with either a Balun or straight transition point (Choose either 1:1 Choke Balun for Transition or Ladder Line Transition Point...both will work fine).
  • End Insulators.  Lots to choose from.
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Wire Antenna End Insulators - END-sulators (2 Pack)
Wire Antenna End Insulators - END-sulators (2 Pack)
Our Price: $11.21

High quality end insulators from MFJ.  2 Per Package more info
Ladder Line - Center Insulator
Ladder Line - Center Insulator
Our Price: $16.99

Ladder Line - Center Insulator more info
WA1FFL LADDER-LOC Center Insulator
WA1FFL LADDER-LOC Center Insulator
Our Price: $18.41

WA1FFL LADDER-LOC™ Center Insulator more info
g5rv ladder line transition point
Ladder Line Transition for G5RV (trans-ctr)
Our Price: $21.58

This component is one of the kind on the market. If you are looking for a clean transition from ladder line to coax that is not a've found it. Many aficionados of the G5RV antenna and many manufacturers of G5RV antennas desire a clean transition from 50 ohm coax to 450 ladder ladder as the ladder line and length of coax work together to present 50 ohms at that radio without the help of a balun. Ladder line is attached one one size of the device, the other features a female SO-239 jack for accepting male PL-259 plugs

** Please note the color for this product may vary depending on plastic availability. It will be either white or black **
more info
No. 14 Antenna Wire - 125 Feet  FLEX-WEAVE TM
No. 14 Antenna Wire - 125 Feet FLEX-WEAVE TM
Our Price: $38.75
Sale Price: $36.25
You Save $2.50!

No. 14 Flex Weave Antenna Wire - 125 Feet more info
1:1 Choke Balun - Ladder Line to Coax Transition (B11i)
1:1 Choke Balun - Ladder Line to Coax Transition (B11i)
Our Price: $40.33

This balun is a 1:1 choke balun.  It is perfect for transitioning coax to ladder on G5RV antennas.  Super easy to install.  It's easy to replace your existing ladder line transition with this.  Simply cut your ladder line, attach to the balun and weather proof the connection.

Many G5RV owners love to add baluns to their G5RVs.
more info