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EZ Hang Square Shot BL - EZ Hang Kit
Our Price: $99.99
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EZ Hang Square Shot BL - EZ Hang Kit
Comes with EZ Hang EZ winder ( intermediate line dispenser ) 5 weights and clips, and Zebco replacement spool per wound with 300 ' of 10 pound test line. The difference between the standard EZ Hang and the Euro EZ Hang is that the Euro EZ Hang does not come with an arm brace. The Hyper EZ Hang is perfect for hams in urban areas whom are worried about hitting their neighbor's car or house. This EZ Hang will launch a 3" ball over an 80' tree and a cannon ball 1oz weight over a 100' tree. It comes with 2 balls, EZ winder ( Intermediate line dispenser ), 3 cannon weights and clips and a spare Zebco replacement spool per wound
with 300 ' of 10 pound test line.
If you have ever tried to hang an antenna in a tree, you likely understand how difficult this can be to do manually. Some people may find that they need to climb from tree to tree to just get the antenna aligned properly with the wire free from obstructions. But there is an easier way if you try out the EZ Hang Slingshot to help launch the antenna rope over tree limb. You may be impressed by the ease and efficiency that you get when you use this device.

First, to get started you will simply need to think about how the slingshot will work. You should get prepared by making sure that you wear protective eyewear and gloves while you use the slingshot. You might also want to get a little practice holding and firing the device. When you are ready, you will need to prepare and have the antenna and antenna support rope ready. The EZ Hang system uses small, light fishing weights and fishing line in conjunction with the slingshot. Simply pick your target - the ideal tree limb to support your antenna -  release the fishing reel line catch and shoot your weight over the branch or limb in question.

Be sure to have a few extra fishing weights on hand.  It can be challenging to find where the weight ultimately landed.  Thus, you'll need to take some practice shots and get some feel for how far the EZ Hang can shoot the line (usually at least 40-60 feet up).

Once you've launched the weight and line - simply attach your dacron rope or parachute cord to one end of the fishing line (with the weight removed) so that you can replace the fishing line with dacron rope by reeling it back towards you. A second set of hands can be very useful at this stage as to help guide the rope and apply the proper tension to keep the rope moving correctly without getting snagged or hung up.

Once the fishing line is replaced with antenna rope you are ready to hoist your antenna.  Black dacron antenna rope is a great choice for supporting your antennas as it is UV resistant, will last years outside, won't stretch and is very strong.