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ZS6BKW G5RV Antennas- The Optimized G5RV

If you're considering deploying a G5RV antenna - take a second look at the ZS6BKW G5RV. This G5RV will give optimal performance (and resonance) in a smaller package than the classic G5RV. This antenna is rapidly becoming one of the most popular antennas in the world for hams looking for all band performance.
What’s really fantastic about this G5RV, unlike our classic G5RV, is that Brian, ZS6BKW, updated the original design, the original G5RV design that Louis Varney had done back in the ‘40s.
Using computer modeling, Brian has really optimized the wire length and the center conductor drop here, and what we’ve got is in antenna that’s resonant on 6 bands without a turner. So this is a significant improvement in efficiency over the classic G5RV where in most cases you need a tuner on all bands. So, this antenna is going to operate at a higher efficiency, it’s going to give you no-tune performance on bands like 40 meters, 20, 17, 10, 15, etc.
Also, just take note here we’ve got a 100% UV stable insulators. Check out the machine crimping here so that this antenna can stand the test of time. And also, 14 gauge black jacketed wire, copper wire that meets the national electric code for permanent installations. And of course our center insulator and the point, the drop point here for the ladder line are epoxy filled, completely waterproof. All the stainless steel, all the hardware here is stainless steel.
So this antenna is a significant improvement over the classic G5RV if you’re looking for efficiency. Essentially, the only differences are the length of wire and the length of the ladder line drop. So, this is a great antenna.

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G5RV Optimized ZS6BKW - Starter Series ZS6BKW G5RV ZS80 G5RV Pro ZS6BKW Optimized with 1:1 Balun
Our Price: $59.99
Our Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $73.50
You Save $16.49!
Our Price: $119.99
This antenna uses high quality:
-  #14 7 Strand Hard Drawn Bare Copper Wire
-  WA1FFL Ladder Line LOC Center Insulator
-  #18 450 Ohm Steel Copperclad Ladder Line
ZS6BKW Optimized G5RV ZS6BKW G5RV with the added benefit of 1:1 balun