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Current Baluns / Choke Baluns: Ham Radio 

Current baluns deliver currents that are equal in magnitude and opposite in phase.  
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W2DU 1:1 HF Choke Balun W2DU 1:1 HF Choke Beam Balun W2DU 1:1 VHF Choke Balun
Our Price: $34.99
Our Price: $34.99
Our Price: $40.99
This 1:1 Choke (Current Balun) is ideal for HF applications from 1.8-30 mHz. This 1:1 current (choke) balun is a top choice DXers, contesters and other high duty cycle users looking to maximize performance while running QRO. This 1:1 Choke (Current) Balun is your choice balun fo keeping RF current of the cable shield in VHF applications in the 20-300 mHz frequency range.