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NCG Comet AS-20 2m/440 Whip
Our Price: $27.45

High quality dual-band 2M/70cm HT Antenna from Comet.

  • 2 Meters - Gain: 0dBi; Wavelength: 1/4 wave
  • 70cm - Gain: 0dBi; Wavelength 1/4 wave
  • Max Power: 10 watts
  • Length: 8.5 inches
  • Connector: SMA male

Comet CH-32 2m/70cm Mini HT Duck Antenna
Our Price: $27.45

Compact design, surprising performance from the miracle baby HT stub antenna.
Dual-band 2M/70cm HT Antenna
Extended receive range:

118-160MHz, 250-290MHz,,360-390MHz, 420-470MHz, 820-960MHz, 1260-1300MHz
  • Gain& Wavelength: 0dBi 1/4 wave on both 2m/70cm
  • Max Power: 10 watts
  • Length: 1.75"
  • Connector: BNC Male, hard plastic radome
Comet BNC-24 2m/70cm HT Whip
Our Price: $27.95

Super flexible and lightweight; unbreakable dual band whip. Perfect for older HTs using the BNC Female connector on the radio.

Gain & Wavelength:
  • 2M 2.15dBi Gain; 1/4 wave
  • 70cm 3.5dBi Gain; 5/8 wave
  • Max Power: 20 watts
  • Length: 17"
  • Connector: BNC Male

Comet CH-75 2m/70cm - Whip
Our Price: $28.45

2M/70cm HT Antenna - Replacement Whip

2 Meters: 0 dbi gain / 1/4 wavelength
70 CM: 3.2dbi / 1/4 wavelength

15" Total Lenght - BNC Male Connector

This antenna is a great replacement or addition to older HTs in need of an antenna upgrade.
Comet SMA-703 Triband HT Antenna
Our Price: $31.85

Tri-band 2M/70cm/1200MHz HT Antenna Extended receive range: 118-160MHz, 250-290MHz, 360-390MHz, 420-470MHz, 820-960MHz, 1260-1300MHz.  0dbi gain 144 MHz, 446 MHz and 3.4 dbi on 1200 MHz.

Max power for this antenna is 10 watts.  The length of the antenna is 6.5" and the connector is SMA male.
Comet SH-95 Triband HT Antenna
Our Price: $32.95

2M/70cm/1200MHz TriBand HT Antenna Excellent 100-1200MHz Wideband Receive Gain & Wave: 146MHz 1.5dBi wave; 446MHz 2.15dBi wave; 1200MHz 5.5dBi

Excellent choice for amateurs looking for triband performance. This antenna can handle up 10 watts and is 14.5" long and comes with a male BNC connector.

Upgrade Your Rubber Duck Antenna

The average rubber duck antenna has -5db db of gain. Essentially, this means that your 5w handheld only radiates 1w when compared to a quarter wave vertical.  Upgrading from a "stock" rubber duck that came with your radio to a specially designed multi-band or single band rubber duck can effectively improve upon this negative gain situation and improve your effective radiated power (ERP).